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This course is designed to give you the foundation skills and underpinning theoretical knowledge that is required to implement non-Surgical face lifting and body shaping into your salon or clinic.

Non-Surgical face lifting and fat cavitation is considered to be a natural alternative to liposuction as no anaesthesia is necessary, no downtime, the procedure can be completed in your clients lunch hour, with instant results. These treatments result in an overall fresh, healthy looking tight skin.

Non-Surgical face lifting and fat cavitation is one of the most demanded treatments in the beauty industry. By tightening collagen fibres and stimulating new collagen production, these treatments play an essential part in the combat against ageing. Giving you plumper firmer skin with greater elasticity, increasing blood circulation, oxygen supply and toxin clearance, further reducing signs of ageing.

By including this treatment in your salon you are able to offer clients a larger range of skin rejuvenation and body contouring treatments.

Want to transform your clients teeth into stunning pearly whites?

Be part of a multi-billion dollar industry and earn over $100 per hour with Cosmetic Teeth Whitening.

So easy to learn, low startup costs, a must have treatment for every beauty salon!

Need a bit of curl or a bit of lift? Maybe a touch of colour to?

If Eyelash Extensions are not your clients thing, then we need to explore other amazing treatments that can compliment the eyes and make them really pop!

First we curled our lashes, now we lift them.  Next its our brows!

Open your salon doors ladies, to the new salon trend called Brow Lamination!!

Why didn’t we think of this years ago?

Get excited because this is a game changer!

BB Glow is an exciting new corrective treatment sweeping the globe offering clients beautiful glowing skin.

The BB Glow Meseotherapy treatment uses cosmeceutical serums with peptides, vitamins and pigments which are infused into the skin using a skin needling device.

Immediate results can be seen straight away after the first treatment, but usually 3-4 applications are recommended at fortnightly intervals.

The Semi-Permanent BB Glow treatment provides a natural-looking foundation to the skin with light to medium coverage to soften and improve the appearance of blemishes, hyperpigmentation, freckles, rosacea, redness, lighten up dark under eye circles, helps remove wrinkles, enhances skin tone and gloss.